Célon is not your standard restaurant or hotel bar. It doesn't look or feel like a typical hotel bar. It is a Moroccan/ Mediterranean theme interior design bar for a mature sophisticated audience. The concept of the bar is to visually take each bar patron into a sexy/chic and very upscale interior space and provide the same level of service one should expect in a fine dining restaurant.

International popular music from all over the globe will play in the background at a music level to drown out the next table's conversation, but also at a level you feel the music vibe without raising your voice to speak.

Morocco is a special place that most people fall in love with. The music, the great Berber city of Marrakech, the long sandy coast, Tangier and don’t forget the oases of the pre-Sahara.

Moroccans themselves have a simplicity of life and a warm hospitality. This was the inspiration to develop a cocktail lounge and entertainment concept which captures the warmth of hospitality in an interior Moroccan design.